Thursday, August 19, 2010

Eastern Indian Embroidery

This was designed and hand stitched by Charity McAllister ( me )
It has also been featured on Mr. X-stitch.

It took me approximately  six months to finish. It all started with a book from my local library.I was studying Eastern Indian Fiber Art and decided I needed to own one of these handmade masterpieces. Since I am a 'do-it-myself ' kind of gal, I gathered all the supplies I thought I would need and began my journey into the Eastern Indian embroidery

All the pictures on this piece are hand drawn and open to interpretation.


  1. These are beautiful. I have a very unique giveaway from a India based organization that repurposes old Sari's. The handstiching is really amazing.

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  3. Wow that is awesome! You can do a lot with those! curtains, quilts, pillow cases, that is really great! Good job!

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  6. These are absolutely stunning! And what detailed work this is. You must be proud at what you've done. I love it! Good for you!


  7. Beautiful! Following via Relax & Surf Sunday. Hope you follow back!

  8. wow those are absolutely beautiful designs. I'm following from FMBT. Hope you'd come by and follow back...:)

  9. veryveryvery GORGEOUS! Thanks for posting this!

    Tracy from


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